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Intro to Concealed Carry $100

This course includes: 

  • Utah laws involving firearms ownership,transport, and transfer 

  • Self defense laws including Stand your ground and the Castle Doctrine. 

  • Mindset of self defense and deadly force incidents

  • Fundamentals of shooting a handgun

  • How to interact with law enforcement if involved in a use of force incident.

Upon the successful completion of this course you will receive a certificate and direction on how to obtain your Utah Concealed Carry Permit. ​

(Bring your firearm, Holster and,100 rounds of ammunition)


This course includes: 

  • Shooting Safely, Quickly and Accurate

  • Clearing malfunctions

  • Shooting under pressure

  • Speed Reloading

  • Speed drills 

  • Moving and shooting

(Bring your firearm and 200 rounds of ammo, holster with extra magazine)

Hands On Training : FAQ

Basic Pistol Course 

This course includes:

  • Fundamentals of range safety and safe gun handling.

  • Operation and types of handguns, the names and descriptions of the various parts, and how they operate.

  • Learning to manipulate the gun with dummy ammo.

  • Live fire, utilizing various practice drills so that even the novice shooter will be able to shoot a gun safely, accurately, and with confidence.

  • Proper technique of disassembly of the gun, cleaning, maintenance, and reassembly.

(All you’ll need to provide is your gun, about 50 rounds of ammo, eye protection)

Advanced Pistol Course

This course includes:​

  • Fundamentals of Shooting

  • Sight Alignment

  • Trigger Control 

  • Hand Grip

  • Stance

  • Breath Control 

  • Firearms Safety 

  • Malfunctions 

  • Draw Strokes 

(All you'll need to provide is your gun, about 100 rounds of ammo, eye protection, holster)

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