Why get the Utah permit if I live in California?

The Utah Non-Resident Permit is a great permit for any Californian to have. The Utah concealed weapons permit allows you to conceal carry in 36 different states. The Utah Concealed Carry Permit makes travel easy because bordering states, Nevada and Arizona, honor this permit. This means you can take your firearm with you when crossing California’s border. This class is a great option for everyone; whether you have a California License to Carry a Concealed Weapon, or you are just looking to get started. Day of the course, I provide everything required to get your permit; paperwork, passport quality photo, a copy of your California Driver’s License, and fingerprinting service. Once you complete all your paperwork, I will deliver your completed application to The Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification for processing. You will leave the classroom with nothing left to do but wait two months for your permit to show up in the mail.

What's Required?

  • Must be 18 (or turning 18 within a year)

  • Take a class from certified Utah Instructor

  • Pass an FBI background check with no felonies, DUI, or violent crimes

  • Submit completed application and pay state fees ($63.25 for non-residents)

  • Must have proof of citizenship if born outside of the United States

  • $100 Registration Fee

What's Included?

  • Application & Required paperwork

  • Fingerprinting Service

  • Passport Quality Photo

  • A copy of your driver's license

  • Delivery of your packet to the Utah BCI for processing

Do you love to travel ? 

This Non-Resident Permit is the best option for you then, With the Non-Resident Utah Concealed Firearms Permit, you can travel more of the United States with your firearm concealed than almost any other permit. With non-resident permit, only $63.25 and renewals of $25.00 every 5 years, it is by far one of the most affordable permits to have.

Can I carry in California with the Utah Non-Resident Permit?

No, California does not honor concealed weapons permits from other states. Until national reciprocity passes a California license is the only way to legally carry concealed in the state. California licenses are difficult or impossible for some to get making Utah's Concealed Carry Permit the best alternative option for concealed carrying when outside of California.

Do I need a California Concealed Carry Permit to get Utah’s?

You do not need to get a California Concealed Carry Permit to get the Utah permit. For a California resident to get the Utah permit they just need to take our course and pay all applicable fees to the Utah BCI ($63.25). I do understand that for many Californians getting a License to Carry Concealed can be difficult, or even impossible. This fact is why I now offer the Utah permit class in California.